Our Center

 Yakin A Tuition Center is an education centre registered under the Negeri Sembilan State Education Department Malaysian. The centre was established to help parents in guiding their children to achieve good examination results and academic excellence in the most effective way.
PTYA has gone through different phases in education since its inception in 2003 and has succeeded in producing students with academic excellence and good personality traits. It was established by Teacher Nora who has determination and inclination to see students perform and excel in their academics.
PTYA is located in Seremban 2 in which modern amenities and convenience of a city are accessible while maintaining the grace and serenity of a country atmosphere. PTYA has comfortable and conducive study area and is equipped with 3 classroom with chairs and desks, back door emergency exit, fire extinguisher, comfortable waiting area with small library, WiFi facilities and praying area.13239285_276683522665088_6738389344404959550_n
PTYA offers classes with small number of students and one-to-one coaching. PTYA has invented its own revolutionary and unique teaching methods to cater to the needs of each individual student. This is a distinctive characteristic that separates us from the rest. In addition, the centre also focuses in identifying the different challengers in individual students before maximizing his or her ability through ‘from basic to master learning skills’ techniques.
The centre also offers interactive learning through online tutoring in which notes and exercises are given in digital form and the learning process is at the students’ fingertips.
The team at the centre would identify weaknesses in students, utilizes suitable techniques, rectify and observe results obtained. In many instances, students are not able to identify their own weaknesses and challengers which result in incorrect and ineffective learning techniques. This also leads to their inability to answer examination questions correctly in order to gain maximum scores.
 This is where PTYA play its role. The teachers at PTYA hope with their skills and passion, they can fill the gap and solve the problems the students go through the learning process.