Our 2018 Activities

Hands on project

What is theory without being tested and put into practice? At Yakin A, students are guided to execute simple experiments so that they experience the lesson first hand. This also amplifies the knowledge gained primarily through text books.

Student Interaction Pattern

“Sharing is caring” – a common mantra that we, Malaysians love to quote. Why not we walk the talk? Yakin A provides the platform for the students to interact with one another by sharing what they have learned.

They take the role as a teacher, take charge, build their confidence and to have ownership of their knowledge and skill. Indirectly, this activity cultivates a healthy learning environment and inculcate effective two way communication.

Student Team work Activities.

It’s pivotal for students to work with others in a team as this demontrates their ability to be team leaders and team players. Yakin A creates lesson plans that permit the students to enhance their teamwork ability, a soft skill deemed necessary and significant in life.

Religious and spiritual Activities

Besides academic excellence, Yakin A thrives to mould a well rounded individual. Thus, religious and spiritual activities become part of our agenda. Moral duties and good practices are taught alongside academic sylabus.


In this digital era, learning can take place in  various forms. Students nowadays mostly are visual learners who are actively delve into multimedia and video presentation. Yakin A explore and exploit that trend to capture students attention in classroom. Students learn from ineractive videos and multimedia content.

Spreading positive vibes

In order to facilitate learning, a happy and condusive environment is very important. Yakin A makes this is highest priority and puts in tremendous effort to secure the students safety and welfare.

Outdoor Activities

To foster a holistic learning, our mind, body and soul have to operate at its prime condition. Hence, Yakin A takes the initiative to organize outdoor activities to keep the students mind and body healthy.

Schedule and systematic exam preparation

A scheduled, sytematic test and quiz are planned as part of Yakin A curiculum.  As the saying goes practice makes perfect, a continuos and consistent coaching prepare the students for their actual exams

Reward and appreciation

Outstanding results and performances must be acknowledged. Yakin A rewards the students with small gifts and gesture as a form of encouragement for the students to maintain the good work or even better, to bring it to a higher level.


Our client aren’t just satisfied, they delighted.

Personal Coaching

Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced and are expertise in their fields. We focus on personalized teaching methods.