Get To Know Your Child

Please spend some time reading the following problems associated to student learning styles and behavior. If any of these describe your child, you can be sure they will benefit hugely from our help.

  • Having difficulties in understanding and answering KBAT / HOTS questions.
  • Having issues in grasping the answering techniques as required by Ministry Education of Malaysia.
  • Poor in writing.
  • Drop in marks in one or more subjects.
  • Short attention span.
  • Lack of focus, motivation and determination.
  • Resistance to do homework, rarely talk about homework and take hours to complete it.
  • Constant complains from the school teacher.
  • No interest in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate unwillingness to go to school.
  • Inconsistency in result.
  • Low¬†confidence and lack of¬†self-esteem.



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